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If you were looking for efficient, effective assistance to help start and run your new business, you have found it!

Starting a business can seem overwhelming. However, the legal organization of the new business, which may seem like a secondary concern at the time, will have a profound impact on the long-term success of the business. That is why it pays to plan ahead.

As the core specialty of our practice, we are the one-stop-shop for legal concerns in starting your new business. With special flat-fee pricing to take the fear and the often intimidating prospect of obtaining legal help, we prepare and compile a complete Business Book for your new corporation or limited liability company. The services include:

Articles of Organization/Incorporation • By-Laws/Operating Agreement Shareholder Minutes • Board of Director Minutes • Share Certificates Stock or Membership Ledger • Tax Identification Number
Corporate Minute Book Binder • Summary letter of continuing obligations

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Filing bankruptcy is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. According to a 2010 US Federal Government Survey, 76% of Americans say financial related issues account for the majority of their stress. Over 200 million Americans are dealing with financial stress which leads to worry, guilt, insecurity, fear, anxiety, anger, depression, panic, helplessness, and even hopelessness. Financial stress is the most common reason for divorce in America. This is a very difficult time for you, as well as the majority of Americans. It is time for you to begin living in financial freedom. Let us discuss your debt elimination options including the bankruptcy information that is most important to your specific needs.

For more information about bankruptcy and how we can help please visit our bankruptcy dedicated website.

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Personal Injury

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It is sad but inevitable that sooner or later we all must go. Roach Law can help you with the process years in advance or in the event of incapacitation. We assist you in planning for your future, help you ensure that your loved ones are protected, and ensure that the property you have worked hard to accumulate is protected for your heirs. Our will planning provides you the opportunity to organize in advance how your property is distributed amongst your beneficiaries.

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We provide our extensive experience on both simple and complex business and real estate transactions. We can help put your business dreams into action with the legal processes necessary to make your business official. Call us to discuss any of the following and more:

Business acquisitions • Contract and agreements • Nonprofit organizations
Real estate loan document review • Buy and Sell Agreements



Roach Law specializes in many of the most common forms of civil disputes and disagreements. We know how difficult and taxing it can be to deal with these issues head-on, and we want our clients to know we are here for your needs no matter the relationship. The forms of dispute we most commonly handle include business, real estate, employment, contracts, appeals, and domestic relations. We have experience in solving disputes both through litigation and (ADR) alternative dispute resolutions. We can handle any situation without letting emotion get involved.

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Roach Law is qualified to advise on any employee-related situation including training, contracts, negotiations, workplace investigations, and human resourcing concerns. Our experience can help you minimize the damage in the event that a claim is made. Our additional employment services also include the inscription of drafts and policies for the workplace.

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Real Estate


Buying? Selling? We can assist! Negotiations are a Roach Law specialty. We can help reduce the price and get the closing date you desire. We’ll review any offer made to you and can counter as well so that your rights are protected and every aspect is clearly defined. Roach Law can help with mortgage issues and speak to your bank on your behalf if needed. We will ensure your protection with your insurance in case of title defects. At the closing we can assist to ensure there are no mishaps in the final documentation.

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